Covid Procedures

Covid Procedures

Farmers’ market volunteers will be at all points around market site to assist – you’ll spot them in the hi-vis jackets and masks.

We ask everyone to wear a mask inside the market enclosure, unless you are exempt

Please stay at home if you are displaying signs of COVID-19 or feeling unwell

Bring your own shopping bags

Stay 2ms away from anyone not in your household

We appreciate the market should normally be a social experience but please refrain from socialising with friends you may bump into inside the market enclosure as this will impact on other customers’ social distancing.

We’re closing a small section of Maple Road to allow for social distancing. The market will be have one entry and one exit point and we’ll be letting a limited number of shoppers into market at any one time

Hand sanitiser will be widely available for your use

Once you have bought your goods leave from exit point

Please take your litter home

Please obey the 2m distance queues outside market entry point and at each stall

Please don’t touch produce, let the stallholder assist you

Samples will not be available and produce will be pre-packed where possible

Please pay by card if you can – cash is strongly discouraged